Love At First Bite

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Bretzels - Authentic trans-fat free Bavarian street food with a lightly salted pretzely crust on the outside – soft & warm inside$1.50
ButterBretzels - A crumbly, criossant-like pretzel, containing 81 layers of buttery goodness garnished with sesame seed$1.50
Sweet Cream Dip - Vanilla cream infused with cinnamon$0.50
Garlic Cheddar Dip - Creamy cheddar with a mild garlic undertone$0.50
Cheddar Pub Dip - Sharp Wisconsin cheddar with a hint of horseradish$0.50
Spicy Bistro Dip - Spicy dijon with the intense bite of fresh horseradish$0.50
BretzelDog - Featuring Nathan's Famous® Hotdogs$3.00
BretzelBrat - Featuring Johnsonville® Brats$3.00