bretzelsThe origins of Bretzels (a.k.a pretzels – derived from the German name Brezel) can be traced back to the 6th century, making bretzels the world’s oldest snack food.   The Bretzel arose as a symbol of deliciousness and religious piety throughout Bavaria because of its distinctive shape and sacred, blessed ingredients.  Bretzels, in all shapes, sizes, and varieties were instantly a hit throughout the Germanic world, and eventually the world at large as a very popular snack food.

Enter 2012:  With a nod to Cincinnati’s deeply rooted Bavarian/Germanic heritage, and paying homage to the tradition and success of pretzels as Bavarian street food, Hot Bretzels is proud to introduce a tasty selection of freshly baked Bretzels to the Cincinnati food scene.  From fresh Bretzels and ButteredBretzels to BretzelBrats and BretzelDogs, coupled with a variety of delicious dipping sauces, Hot Bretzels is open for business and ready to make its own mark in the rich history of the pretzel.  Come check us out!